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On Sunday 1 August, we will be holding a ballot to affirm whether Jer Adrian should become the Lead Pastor of the Shore Church.

There will be two ways to vote:

E-mail voting will be open from Tuesday, July 27 until 2pm on Sunday, August 1 for those who can’t make it in-person.
Please e-mail office@theshorechurch.ca, put ‘VOTE’ in the Subject line, and include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Are you a Member of The Shore Church?
  3. Do you affirm Jer Adrian as Lead Pastor of the Shore Church?

You will receive a confirmation email to let you know that your vote has been received.

Whichever method you use to vote, there will be 3 questions:
  1. Your name
  2. Are you a Member of The Shore Church?
  3. Do you affirm Jer Adrian as Lead Pastor of the Shore Church?

Note: You are a Member of The Shore Church if you have attended a Membership Class, signed the Members Covenant, and are faithfully living out being a member in the body.

We encourage everyone who calls The Shore Church home to vote.  In order for Jer to become our next Lead Pastor, we need at least 80% of Member’s votes to affirm him.  However, we value the views of the wider congregation as well, and would love to hear from all of you who would like to vote.

The results from the Affirmation Vote will be announced on Monday, August 2.

July 2021

25 SUN // Sunday Gathering // 10:00am
Online & In-Person @ Lions Gate Christian Academy
Preacher: Vinh Doan – Northview Community Church
Topic: Lights of the World // Philippians 2:12-18

***Registration required for Kids – REGISTER HERE

**A letter from the Lead Pastor Search Committee**

Jer Adrian, is currently the Pastor of Care at Westside Church. Westside Church elders have affirmed this decision to put him forward for consideration of our search committee process.

The search committee has completed 2 interviews with Jer and his wife Jodi. And the committee is finalizing reference checks. Both the elders and search committee affirm this candidate to be brought forward to the church body.

The next step is inviting Jer to preach which he will be doing this Sunday, July 18.

After the gathering there will be a “meet and greet” time for you to connect with Jer.  Please bring some lunch with you and stay around to hear how Jer came to be a candidate and to ask any clarification questions that you would have for a potential lead pastor.

Additionally, the search committee is putting together a document and bio on Jer based on their interviews with him. This will be shared with the church members via email after Jer preaches on July 18.

The lead pastor affirmation vote will be held on Sunday, August 1.  A successful vote would require an affirmation of 80% from church members. If you cannot attend that Sunday we will be providing an electronic submission process as well, for the week prior to and including August 1 until 2PM. Please stay tuned for more information on how to do that.

If you would like to submit any questions to the search committee, please send your questions to: theshorechurchcommittee@gmail.com.

You can also find all the up to date information on this search process at: https://theshorechurch.ca/about/elders/

In His Grace,

Lead Pastor Search Committee and the Shore Church Elders

 20 TUE// Tuesday Morning Prayer
Every Tuesday at 8:00am
Click HERE to learn more

 1 AUG// Sunday Evening Prayer
First & Third Sunday of the Month – 7:00pm @ Matt & Sandra’s
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Watch our Sunday, July 18th announcements and Elder Update here:

You can view all past Elders Updates HERE

Summer Book Clubs

Information and registration available HERE

Family Sunday August 8th – (No Kids Ministry)

On Sunday August 8th we will be giving our Kids Ministry a break so we can gather as an entire family for church! We look forward to having our kids join us for worship and we’ll have sermon specific colouring and notes sheets available for your kids to help them follow along.

Service Needs

Serving at The Shore is a great way to get plugged in, meet new people, and let the gifts God has given you flourish for the good of the kingdom.

If you are interested in serving please email jordan@theshorechurch.ca

Shore Prayer Requests

As the body, please continue to pray for the following needs of the church:

If you have any prayer requests please visit our Prayer page and fill in the form there…

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