“not neglecting to meet [ZOOM] together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” – Hebrews 10:25


Zoom is an easy way to virtually meet with others by video, audio-only, or both.




To join a Zoom meeting you need an invitation that could be sent to you via an eMail or Text.

From an eMail it will look something like this:


And from a text message, like this:



The first time you join a Zoom meeting on your computer you’ll be prompted to download the free application.

Click the download & run Zoom link and follow the instruction.

When it’s finished installing re-click the invitation link again.

(If you’re prompted to allow the page to use the link just click Allow)

Then you may be asked which audio option you want, click Join With Computer Audio.

Also, click the Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting checkbox so you don’t see this again.
You should now be placed in the meeting.



If you’re using Zoom on your phone or tablet for the first time you’ll need to download the App which is free.

If you try and join the meeting without the App you may get an error message saying ‘Cannot open the page because the address is invalid

Don’t worry about the error, just download the App from the link and try again.


You should now be placed in the meeting.


Hosting a meeting is slightly more complicated, but not much!

First, you’ll need a free Zoom account which can be created from their website: https://zoom.us/


The free ‘basic‘ account gives you the ability to host up to 100 people for a maximum of 40 minutes, however, 1 to 1 meetings have unlimited time.

The ‘pro‘ account which costs $20 per month removes the time limit restriction, allows 300 people to join a meeting, and gives you various other features.


When your account is set up you can create a meeting via the ‘SCHEDULE A MEETING‘ button at the top of the website.

The key areas to fill in are:

When this is all filled out, click Save.

You then get a summary of your meeting along with options to share the meeting on various calendars or Copy the invitation which is probably what you want to do.

You can then paste the invitation into an eMail or Text to send to everyone you want to attend.


When the Zoom meeting has started you have a number of controls you can use.

  • 1Gallary vs. Speaker View – This switches between all the participants being equal size, as shown above, or the person speaking being larger.
  • 2Enter Full Screen – This maximizes the Zoom interface.
  • 3Mute – Switches off and on your microphone.  If you’re not talking it can be helpful to switch your mic off.
  • 4Stop Video – Switches off and on your video camera.
  • 5Invite – This allows you to invite someone to the meeting.
  • 6Manage Participants – This allows you to switch on and off other people’s mics and video.  This can be useful if someone is making a lot of background noise when someone else is speaking.
  • 7Share Screen – This allows you to share your computer screen, a specific application, open a whiteboard and much more.
  • 8Chat – Opens a chat window allowing you to send text messages (and files) to the group.
  • 9Record – This records the meetings to a .mp4 file or sends it to the Cloud.
  • 10Reaction – Allows you to send a clap or thumbs up in reaction to something said.
  • 11End Meeting – Allows you to leave the meeting, or end it for everyone if you’re the leader.
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