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August 22nd Announcements & Elders Update:

August 8th Announcements & Elders Update:


Sunday, 1 August

It is with great pleasure we announce that Jer Adrian has been affirmed as the Lead Pastor of The Shore Church.

Percentage of Yes votes by members = 87%

Percentage of Yes votes by members and regular attendees = 87%

Total number of votes (yes, no or abstain) by members = 61

Total number of votes (yes, no or abstain) by members and regular attendees = 82

We want to thank you for praying in advance regarding this important decision and for your participation in the affirmation vote. Please continue praying for God’s guidance in next steps. Further updates will be provided as part of the elders’ updates.

If you have questions please e-mail staff at office@theshorechurch.ca or directly reach out to one of your elders.


We are holding a day of prayer and fasting together as a church on Thursday, July 29, prior to the vote on August 1.
We encourage everyone to participate, to pray for The Shore Church and to seek God’s will regarding the Lead Pastor Affirmation Vote.


To help you as you consider how to vote on August 1, here are links to some of Jer Adrian’s recent sermons (two of which were at The Shore Church), and some Blog posts from Jer and his wife Jodi.

The Wealth, The Walk, The Warfare (The Book of Ephesians) // Jer Adrian // July 18 Sunday Service
A Loving Father // Psalm 139 // June 6th, 2021 Sunday Service
Where Does Your Joy Come From? – Psalm 126

Jer and Jodi ‘Encouragement’ video:

For Blog posts, search for Jer or Jodi Adrian at this link:

Also, if you would like to read the notes from the Lead Pastor Search Committee’s interview with Jer, or if you have any other questions regarding Jer and Jodi, the search committee would love to hear from you and help in any way they can.
Please e-mail theshorechurchcommittee@gmail.com

July 18th Announcements & Elders Update:

**July 14th – A letter from the Lead Pastor Search Committee**

Jer Adrian, is currently the Pastor of Care at Westside Church. Westside Church elders have affirmed this decision to put him forward for consideration of our search committee process.

The search committee has completed 2 interviews with Jer and his wife Jodi. And the committee is finalizing reference checks. Both the elders and search committee affirm this candidate to be brought forward to the church body.

The next step is inviting Jer to preach which he will be doing this Sunday, July 18.

After the gathering there will be a “meet and greet” time for you to connect with Jer.  Please bring some lunch with you and stay around to hear how Jer came to be a candidate and to ask any clarification questions that you would have for a potential lead pastor.

Additionally, the search committee is putting together a document and bio on Jer based on their interviews with him. This will be shared with the church members via email after Jer preaches on July 18.

The lead pastor affirmation vote will be held on Sunday, August 1.  A successful vote would require an affirmation of 80% from church members. If you cannot attend that Sunday we will be providing an electronic submission process as well, for the week prior to and including August 1 until 2PM. Please stay tuned for more information on how to do that.

If you would like to submit any questions to the search committee, please send your questions to: theshorechurchcommittee@gmail.com.

You can also find all the up to date information on this search process at: https://theshorechurch.ca/about/elders/

In His Grace,

Lead Pastor Search Committee and the Shore Church Elders

July 11th Announcements & Elders Update:

July 4th Announcements & Elders Update:

June 27th Announcements & Elders Update:

Key elements of the search process are:

  1. Prayer – let’s all commit to prayer for the search process
  2. Creating a Search Committee – this is underway. Our goal is to finalize this committee by June 30th.
  3. Reference Checks – extensive reference checks, including social media
  4. Interviews – main interview by the Search Committee and other meetings with Staff and some representatives of Ministry Team and CG Leaders.
  5. Preaching on a Sunday – if affirmed after the above, we would invite them to preach
  6. Committee Recommendation to the Elders – goal is consensus, Elder decision
  7. Member Affirmation – a ballot by Members of The Shore to affirm the lead pastor

Please keep joining us in prayer for our search process, the members of your search committee, and God’s leading us to a lead pastor for The Shore Church.

June 13th Elders Update:

On June 13th , the elders provided an update on where we are going as The Shore. Their update included these five main points (full breakdown at the bottom) that are to be done in parallel as we move forward together as being the church.

  1. The Search for a Lead Pastor
  2. Steadfast Word-Centered Preaching
  3. Raising Up New Elders
  4. Being A Healthy Church
  5. A Call to Prayer

To assist us in moving forward, these gospel centered churches: Westside Church, Crossridge Church and Christ City Church including their lead pastors have agreed to assist us in strengthening The Shore until we are flourishing.

  1. The Search for a Lead Pastor Our top priority as The Shore is the search for a lead pastor and that search process has now begun. The timing of a lead pastor depends on where God leads yet we are praying for the earliest time possible. As a church together, please commit to praying for God to direct us to the new lead pastor he has in his sovereign plan for us. The elders will continue to provide updates on the search process in person and in our newsletter.
  2. Steadfast Word-Centered Preaching We will remain faithful to keeping the gospel central at The Shore. In addition to Jordan and us as elders, Westside Church, Christ City Church, and Crossridge Church will assist us in ensuring we have quality biblical preachers each Sunday. We have a completed schedule of preachers throughout the summer, continuing our On God’s Heart Series for July. We will then teach from The Beatitudes throughout August.
  3. Raising Up New Elders As Jesse finalizes his family move to Nanaimo, he will remain an elder until we finish our elder candidate assessment of Matt Leonard. We anticipate making a recommendation on affirming Matt to Shore members at our AGM on September 26. We have also started seeking God’s will for more potential elder candidates. We have reached out to some godly men who if called to this noble task would begin their assessment in July until spring 2022.
  4. Being A Healthy Church The answer to where we are going is inclusive of all of us who make up this local church. Being a healthy church is for all of us to step into serving the body, to encourage and to build up one another. We have many areas of need right now such as worship, tech team, kids and youth ministry. As we open our Sundays to be full capacity in person gatherings, please be ready to share your gifts on ministry team
  5. A Call to Prayer As a church together, we are asking you to pray at regular times for God to supply the right man as our lead pastor as soon as possible. We are asking everyone who calls The Shore church home, to pray daily, in the morning, in the evening and anytime you think our needs where His gracious & bountiful supply will be given to us.
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