We have classes for kids from birth to Grade 6. They are split into age appropriate groups and led by a fantastic team of security screened volunteers who really love to connect with the kids.

We use gospel centred curriculum designed by Tru Ministry. This curriculum is developmentally appropriate and theologically sound. It explains the true overarching story of the Bible, the character of God, and ultimately how to know Jesus and live out a vibrant lifetime faith. We serve allergy friendly snacks (gluten free cheerios) and are sensitive and supportive of children with allergies.


Once you pass the Welcome Centre, on your left you’ll see the Shore Kids check in area. You’ll be greeted by a Shore Kids leader eager to meet your family and help you get set up with our computer check-in system. To use our check in system, you will need a City account with your children added. You can do this ahead of time by clicking here. We also have visitor tags available. You will be told about Shore Kids and shown where to bring your children.


Shore Kids exists to make Jesus known and we are committed to teaching children the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is done through fun, engaging, and age appropriate lessons.

Learn more about our Sunday classes below.


Infants ages 0-24 months will enjoy a play area with toys. We do not provide diaper changes, but have a change table in this theatre and will contact parents if the need arises. Nursing mothers are very welcome in the service. We also have a TV in the lobby with a video feed of the service for nursing mothers & parents. 

AGE 2-3  // THEATRE 1

Children ages 2-3 will experience a class that includes a mix of a snack, song, Bible story, colouring and free play.


Children ages 4-5 will experience a class that includes a mix of a snack, game, Bible story, song, craft, and free play.


Children in Grades 1-3 will experience a class that includes a mix of games, crafts, Bible teaching, and small group time.


Children in Grades 4-6 will experience a class that serves to equip and prepare them for when they attend the service. In addition to lessons, they will be taught how to listen to sermons and learn more about what it means to be a part of the church and grow their identity in Jesus.


Check in either by using our computer system or by using a visitor tag. You may drop off your children 20 minutes before the service starts and our classes start at 10:00 AM.

Children are ready for pick up after the first song following the message. Only parents with the child’s check in ticket are allowed to pick up their child, so please make sure to have that with you when you pick up your children during the response time. You will sign them out and then we love having them join us in song and communion as we close.


All the volunteers that serve in Shore Kids are believing, faithful members of the church. In order to serve with our children, volunteers must submit an application and complete a background check. Adults serve in teams and are never alone with children.  

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