2nd Corinthians (Online)

Leaders: Sabrina St. Mars

Dates: Sept. 1 – Nov. 28, 2020

Description: On September 6th, The Shore Church will be starting a sermon series on the book of 2nd Corinthians. The goal of this group will be to study the book at the same pace as the series, digging deeper into a passage the week before it is preached on. This will enrich listening to the sermon by providing a solid foundation of the passage. If you are involved in a community group, this study will also equip you for deeper biblical engagement.

We will be using an electronic printable study guide prepared by the Women’s Ministry leaders at Northview Community Church that uses a 4-step approach:

  • What does the passage say? (Observation)
  • What does it mean in context? (Interpretation)
  • How does this point to the gospel?
  • What does it mean for us? (Application)

The goal of this style of study is to equip you with the tools to study any book of the bible on your own.

Format: The platform for this study will primarily be via weekly online discussions in a facebook group. You may share what you are learning anytime during the week as you work through the text, up to Saturday evening prior to the sermon. We will also have 3 live zoom chats on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10:30 am: Sept. 19th, Oct. 24th and Nov. 28th.

Homework: ~ 2 hours/week

Capacity: Unlimited

Cost: Free


Questions? Email sabrina@theshorechurch.ca

1 Peter: A Living Hope in Christ (by Jen Wilkin)

Leader: Kristina Hutchison

Dates: Tuesdays, Sept. 15 – Nov. 17, 8-9 pm via Zoom (10 weeks)

Description: Our inheritance through Christ is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. In 1 Peter, a man of faith and flaws and an eyewitness to the life of Christ challenges us to look beyond our current circumstances to a future inheritance—which seems especially helpful in these crazy times! I have always been personally encouraged by Peter’s zeal and also his failures; he is a truly relatable fellow disciple of Christ. In his first letter, he shares his concerns on big picture issues for the early church, describes believers’ true identity in Christ, and ultimately helps readers discover what it means to experience the living hope they have in Christ. Key themes of humility, submission, and identity in Christ guide the study of 1 Peter as participants are challenged to read the book in its entirety each week. Click here to learn more about the study.

For Week 1, there is no homework. The study begins with a video introduction.

Format: This study will include weekly homework, a 1-hour Zoom meeting per week, weekly video teaching, and optional weekly distanced get-togethers at various locations in North Van

From 8-9pm on Tuesdays, via Zoom, we will discuss the study, questions we have, our homework, how we’re applying what we’re learning to our lives, and what God is teaching and revealing to us. Then, individually, we will each watch a 30-35 minute teaching video in our own time sometime soon after that meeting, before starting the next week’s homework. Since we’ll not have the time on Tuesdays to just talk and get to know each other, I will also be planning a weekly walk or gentle hike where we can be together safely distanced, enjoy fellowship, and have a short time to pray with and for each other. These meet-ups will be optional, will be 60-90 minutes in duration, and will vary in terms of day of the week and time to allow for different schedules. The hope is that you might be able to attend some or all of these optional meet-ups.

Homework: ~3 hours/week

Number of participants: 7

Note: Due to the small capacity for this study, please carefully consider your schedule and ability to commit to the weekly homework (about 2-3 hours/week), teaching videos, and Tuesday evening Zoom meetings. We show up not just to learn and share, but to build each other up and serve others through the gifts God has given each of us. It’s therefore vital, barring emergencies and illness, that you only sign up if you’re able to commit.

Cost: $30


Questions? Email sabrina@theshorechurch.ca


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