SHORE YOUTH Meets Wednesday Nights Primarily @ Mollie Nye House (940 Lynn Valley Road)


Winter Schedule

April 6 –  Youth Night (Mollie Nye House)
April 13 – Small Groups
April 20 – Youth Night
April 27 – Laser Tag – Invite your friends! (REGISTER HERE)

April 29 – 604 Network Chapel @ Westside Church – LEARN MORE

May 4 – Youth Night
May 11 – Small Groups
Boys: Jordan’s family house – 2324 Kirkstone Road
Girls: Jordan & Elisa’s apartment – 1111 27th Street East (Buzzer 3541, unit 218)

May 18 – Youth Night
May 20 – May 23 – Spring Retreat!!! – Details and registration HERE!!

June 1 – End of Year Event

Current Series

How can we trust the bible? Why do bad things happen? What’s the deal with dinosaurs?

Our final series of the ministry year is 100% controlled by your questions! Over the last few weeks of the ministry year we’ll look at a biblical response to your most pressing questions about God, the bible, Christian history, and much more!

Have more questions? The question box is open every Wednesday, or you can email

Wednesday Night Shore Youth!

Our youth ministry is for students in Grades 7-12.  We primarily meet Wednesday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at the Mollie Nye House in Lynn Valley . Shore Youth provides a safe space for all youth from all backgrounds and beliefs to experience Jesus and build strong lasting relationships with others. On Wednesday nights we will play games, eat snacks, worship through song, open our bibles, meet in small groups to discuss Jesus, and once a month we’ll hit the town for a night out!

Each month, Shore Youth will split the 4 Wednesdays as such:

  • 2 Youth Nights – Our flagship gathering (games, food, worship, message, discussion)
  • 1 Small Group Night – A night out with your gender/age specific small group to chat and get to know one another
  • 1 Outing – Bowling, laser tag, movie night, etc. We’ll cap off each month with an event! This is a great setting to invite your friends who wouldn’t typically attend a youth group or church to get to know our community.

Students & parents are encouraged to join the Shore Youth Group page and follow us on Instagram & Facebook for upcoming events and announcements.


Serving on Sunday’s

Our aim is that our Youth will be involved in the life of The Shore Church. One of the ways they can do that is by getting involved on a Serve Team. There are many opportunities for Youth to serve on Sunday’s: hosting, setup, ushering, music, etc.

Ice Skating – Christmas 2021
Fall Youth Retreat 2021
Christmas Party December 2019
Spring Youth Retreat 2019

Horseback Riding Summer 2019

Horseback Riding 2019 Promo


No upcoming classes or events at this time.

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