Christmas Presence

"The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world."  -John 1:10 

In this Christmas series we zoom in on the first chapter of John's Gospel where we discover the amazing truths, implications and realties of " And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us" John 1:14.  God's presence is the greatest Christmas present we could ever imagine.  Whatever this year has held for you, you can know  there is a God who cares, who has intervened, and in who's presence, there is fullness of life.

December 6 - John 1:1-5 // Luke 2:22-33

December 13th. - John 1:6-8 // Luke 1:5-25

December 20 -  John 1:9-13 // Luke 2:8-21

December 24th - John 1:14-18 // Luke 1:26-37

John 1:14-18 // Christmas Eve

December 24, 2020 | James Bonney

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John 1:9-13

December 20, 2020 | Jordan Chong

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John 1:6-8

December 13, 2020 | James Bonney

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John 1:1-5

December 06, 2020 | James Bonney

In this sermon unpack the amazing theology of Christmas that Jesus was in the beginning fully God, our Creator and that He came to give us Life in Him.

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