Tighten the Knot

A series for the "911" moments in your marriage. 

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. - Colossians 3:14 

We are created for connection, designed to have our needs met through relationships with people we don’t control where we are able to fully love and be loved, representing God to one another and the world! ..  but what happens when your marriage feels nothing like that, when it feels hopeless.. when you feel it was a mistake, "this is not what I signed up for" and you want to leave? 

Where do you start when "the knot" feels like its unraveling?

Our hope is give couples some Biblical answers and counsel as to what's going on and how to partner with God to bring those needs to Him, wounds, fears, and "mud" for healing through our connection to Him

Healthy marriages happen when you have healthy people Toni Nieuwhof in her book "Before you Split" writes,  “if you’re struggling to communicate or connect with each other and if you also have a tendency to overreact, stay detached, or hide or mask your feelings, chances are you got some mud too..she goes on and says, “maybe your spouse is saying or doing things that expose the muddy lies buried in you that tell you “I’m not valuable” I’m not worthy if love.” Yes, you feel hurt, and your spouse is the one right in front of you, so its natural for you to conclude that it’s your spouse causing all your pain —when in reality, the mud you unknowingly brought into your marriage is playing a role too.”

In each sermon we examine how our connection with the Trinity impacts and has the power to heal in our relationships. Within each sermon we will not only identify and disempower the lies we believe and carry with us, but also build out what the Bible says, is the purpose of marriage,  the foundations of unconditional love and acceptance, and what it looks like to responsibly put on love when its hard too.

This series is for the most difficult and intense moments of marriage where it feels more like triage.

Help From Jesus For Healthy Communication

April 25, 2021 | James Bonney

In this sermon we look at how our connection with Jesus impacts and shapes our connections in marriage. Anchored in Ephesians 5:29, we look at the truth that Jesus nourishes and cherishes us with actions as if — its himself.. "no one hates his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it.

Thus there is a value for oneself  (who we are in Christ)—-one has to have for what’s going on inside them, in order to be able to value and understand what’s going on in others. In this message we practically look at how to communicate to one another like Jesus using one of the following frameworks

“ I feel [emotion] when [describe experience] and I need to feel [emotion]".

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Receiving Help From Father God

April 18, 2021 | James Bonney

In this sermon we look at the purpose of honour in a marriage and how a lack of honour can point to a disconnection in our relationship and receiving from God the Father.  Often times the lies we believe about God our Father stem from the unmet needs of identity, protection and provision from our earthly upbringing.  These are the areas of pain and mindsets we are still bringing into our relationships.  The hope in this sermon is to give us tools to partner with the Father to see where He wants to heal places in our hearts that are unable to receive His truth and share that in our marriages.


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“Help, My Marriage is 9-1-1!”

April 11, 2021 | James Bonney

Every marriage hits the "loop" or cycle where everything seems to be fine and then something builds up and blows up and all the pain  “stuff": anxiety, depression, not feeling loved, heard, honoured, "there's no hope", "nothing will ever change"  comes out and it feels like 911.  In this message we look at what's happening when that happens and how to see God's perspective to reassess what's underneath that and what the purpose of your marriage really is. The truth is, no one in the loop asks,  I wonder  what I may be contributing to the problem, ..

In Colossians 3 we get a blueprint for relationships and how to navigate when it feels hopeless.

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