Sunday School

At The Shore Church we believe discipleship can and should happen primarily in the context of the local church.  And periodically we find that there are some topics which are best addressed and taught in the context of a transformative learning environment, like a class. Over the years we’ve attempted to do most of our classes in the evening.  However with a congregation of young families we discovered Sunday mornings before the service works best! We plan to have a lot more “seasonal” ( 4-6 week) Sunday School Classes throughout the year. Below is our most recent class



Unfortunately, we live in a world where pornography is prevalent in our society and can be innocently stumbled across. The average age where children first come across it is 11years old and many youth think that not recycling is worse than viewing pornography. In broaching this topic, we want to partner with you, the parents, to help equip children to be wise in how they respond and understand this issue from God’s perspective.

This will be a 2 Part Class.

WHEN ? 8:30AM -9:30AM

The first session will discuss the problem with pornography, such as how it affects the brain, transforms relationships, and the way we view men and women. It will also look at the false promises that porn claims to fulfill, but only further ensnares.

WHEN ? 5:30PM – 7:30PM
WHERE? Shore Church Hub

The second section will look at the misconceptions that pornography enforces and how we can re-aline our thinking to the truth in scripture. We will also be talking about practical tips on how to respond, discuss, and equip youth in this area. Resources will be shared on this topic that can help with equipping that are geared from ages 7 to adulthood.

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