A Way You Can Always Connect and learn people’s names


If you’re not in the directory learn why and how to sign up below

Why a church Directory?

We want the connections and friendships that you make on a Sunday to continue!  How many times have you met someone, learned their name and immediately forgot it, or were invited to someone’s house but forgot to get their contact, or even wanted to buy a birthday gift for the child in your CG but couldn’t remember the name of the child.  What if there was a way to get that information? What if there was a way to learn the names and faces of the people we genuinely want to know more?  There is now.

Our hope with this directory is that more community is formed and more people are built up and cared for.  As a church committed to using our Spiritual gifts for building up, we wanted a way that if God put someone on your heart to pray for, or bless, encourage, or bring a practical help, ie. a meal, diapers, etc, you would be able to look them up, text them, call them or come over right away. This Directory will have a feature to not only look up individual but also households as well!

I’m in, what do I do?

Fill out the form below & then email Sue Carabetta  suecarabetta@gmail.com a picture of you, as well as a separate picture of each person in your family.  And then you’re done.

This is Sue

** We know emailing pictures may take some time, but it will be so so helpful when someone can see your face and remember who it was they met on Sunday.  This is one of the main goals with this directory.  We want to learn each others names.  Please don’t forget to do this.  Note all pictures will only be seen in the directory.  Thus in sending pictures of your children you are giving consent to have them included. 

Lastly, please know the Shore Church Directory will be password protected!  The password will be sent to you upon filling out this form:

To Join the Directory please fill out this form

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